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Oxnard is a charming town located on the coast in California. It’s a very safe city situated in one of the richest regions in the country. The weather here is always sunny. It’s warm and not too hot, except for the days of summer heat. Oxnard is a city of beautiful beaches and sweet strawberries. It is truly a place to be.


There’s a reason they call Oxnard the city of strawberries. One-third of American strawberries comes from Oxnard. They even host the California Strawberry Festival in the city. There you will eat so many strawberries, your life will become all sweet. You will drink strawberry wine and eat strawberry pizza with strawberry-everything-else.


We also mentioned beaches. Here you can enjoy blue waters and clean sand. And all of that without crowds of people hanging around. Oxnard is not like Santa Monica or any other popular beach. Here you can actually relax. Surf, fish, and enjoy the view in the harbor. It is a small piece of heaven right in the strawberry town. Come on your own or with your family, you will love it. Maybe so much you even will want to stay.


Oxnard Auto Transport


When you travel or live in California, car is how you get around. So if you are going to Oxnard, don’t think twice and bring your car with you. And our auto shipping company is here to help you with Oxnard Auto Transport! We will make the whole car transport process easy for you. You won’t have to worry about anything when you choose our Oxnard Auto Transport! While you’re busy with packing things and getting to Oxnard, your vehicle will be safely shipped to or from the city of strawberries. Our company has helped a lot of people with Oxnard Auto Transport. And we are looking forward to helping you! We can ship any kind of vehicle, no matter if it runs or not. We have options for you to choose from. For instance, is open car transport right for you? Or maybe you have an exotic car and you would prefer enclosed car transport for more safety? It’s up for you to decide. Our company will help you with any type of Oxnard Auto Transport.

Alyssa Baker, November 2014
This is a very professional company that knows how to handle auto shipping. My Jeep Wrangler arrived in Oxnard couple of days ago in the perfect condition. There were no delays or any mistakes. I am very happy I've used this company.
Robert Scott, February 2010
Purchased a van on-line and used your services to ship it to my place in Oxnard. Door-to-door delivery is the most awesome thing ever! Ready to hit the road with my band in my new van. Keep up the good work!
Ashley Wallace, January 2012
You're the best!!! My husband's classic car was shipped in an enclosed trailer. He was awfully nervous but I knew I chose the right company for auto shipping - I heard a lot of good things about it from my friends. And it was all true! ...
Linda Allen, July 2011
I love traveling. I leave home for long periods and I have no idea why I haven't used auto shipping before. You guys are such a great team! Thank you for delivering my Mercedes from Oxnard to NYC and back. The rates are amazing as well!
Mia Lopez, May 2014
Me and my husband moved to Oxnard from Oregon. Maybe it's not that long of a way but it seemed kind of dangerous for us. We also hesitated about car transport services but in the end decided to go for it. We are very grateful to ...
Billy Miller, September 2014
I'm a car dealer and I've been using your company's car shipping services for years. You've got yourself a loyal client! Always satisfied with the quality of your work.
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